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Paving the Way for Advanced Air Mobility

Our mission is to integrate skies with urban landscapes, ensuring every eVTOL and drone landing site is not just functional but also safe and sustainable.

LYNEports bridges the gap between electric air mobility, architecture, and real estate development, supporting industry stakeholders such as Operators and Vertiport Developers, Architects and Urban Planners, or Property Owners and Developers.
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Adding decades of expertise in the Advanced Air Mobility sector, our team is creating digital state-of-the-art solutions to make the process of integrating vertiports for drones and eVTOL aircrafts easier & faster.

Become Part of  LYNEports Team

Building better software to enable advanced air mobility and bringing our vision to life can only happen with an ambitious team. Join us and become part of the new electric air mobility sector. We’re all as passionate as you are.
LYNEports team
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