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Grounded, yet never steady.

Our cities are going to change, drastically. And while the activity in the sky will evolve at an astonishing pace, we will mostly not perceive it, but air mobility real estate will become a new sector.

Our visual identity has been designed with exactly that in mind. It’s a steady canvas built to display the fascinating activity of the sector we're pioneering.

Making our mark.

Our primary brand element is our name. Crafted in Montserrat. Optically kerned and manually spaced to gracefully surround a "Y" made of a dynamic line mesh.

Color palette

Our colorway is pure digital:
Hexadecimal Black, White and Electric Blue.

Accessible and easily attainable for anyone, on any type of device.

# 00 00 00

R/   0

G/   0
B/   0

H/   0

L/    0
S/    0

C/    100

Y/    100
M/   100
K/    100

# 00 60 FF

R/   0

G/   96
B/   255

H/   217

L/    100
S/    50

C/    100

Y/    62
M/   0
K/    0


R/   255

G/   255
B/   255

H/   0

L/    0
S/    100

C/    0

Y/    0
M/   0
K/    0

Shifting perspective.

Driven by the spatial order of width, height, and depth, while fuelled by the perfectly timeless drawings of Roboto, our kinetic identity works in any dimension.

Roboto Display

AAM Planning Solution

Roboto Text

The Advanced Air Mobility Planning Solution.

Power tools

Play around with these elements.
Challenge them. Use them as
stepping stones for creative innovation and above all, have fun.
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