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Unisphere and LYNEports sign MOU to enable advanced Vertiport weather data

    ● Comprehensive Vertiport Evaluation: The collaboration aims to enrich vertiport planning processes with accurate weather intelligence and certification studies.

    ● Elevating Urban Air Mobility: This partnership marks a significant stride towards providing sophisticated solutions tailored to the demands of the air mobility industry.

    ● Integrating Advanced Weather Intelligence: Unisphere’s weather data and LYNEports planning solution will significantly improve site selection and flight path planning for vertiport development.
May 28, 2024

LYNEports, a company delivering advanced air mobility planning solutions and services for vertiports and vertical landing infrastructure, and Unisphere GmbH, a company specializing in data analytics and weather management for drones, eVTOLs, and vertiports software solutions, have announced a collaborative agreement. This partnership aims to enrich vertiport and airspace planning with advanced weather intelligence services, enhancing the selection and design of vertiports. Unisphere’s weather data and analytics significantly improve site selection and flight path planning by providing accurate weather intelligence for evaluating vertiport sites and conducting certification studies. This collaboration brings the vertiport planning process to a more informed and efficient level.

Collaborating with Unisphere underscores our shared commitment to delivering advanced solutions tailored to the industry's sophisticated demands. Our partnership aims to elevate our vertiport planning process by enriching it with essential data. We are excited to collaborate with Unisphere’s team, to provide valuable data informatics solutions within LYNEports solutions.” stated Rasha Alshami.

We are happy to join forces and provide a holistic solution for the very complex task of planning vertiports in urban areas. With the expected launch of the first eVTOL services in the near future, the number of vertiport projects will increase significantly, requiring tools such as LYNEports' innovative planning solution, which will significantly help urban planners, architects, vertiport and airport planners.” Stated Christoph Selig.

About LYNEports

LYNE TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L, operating under the brand name LYNEports, is a software development company specializing in advanced air mobility planning solutions and simulations. LYNEports goal is to facilitate the safe integration of eVTOL and VTOL aircraft (air taxis) into ground and airspace through intuitive geospatial software.

LYNEports serves as a vital link between electric air mobility, architecture, and real estate development. Their solutions cater to various industry stakeholders, including Operators and Vertiport Developers, Architects and Urban Planners, as well as Property Owners and Developers.

LYNEporst contact information for media:

Lorenzo Bennassar

Associate/Chief Creative officer

About Unisphere

Unisphere specializes in providing smart software solutions to automate the operational management of drones, air taxis and vertiports. Founded in 2017 and based in Konstanz, Germany, the company has its roots in the Solar Impulse project - the first solar-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the world. For vertiport companies, Unisphere offers two product categories. NOVA vertiport is a software platform to manage all weather-related aspects of vertiport operations, including data management of weather sensors, data distribution to different stakeholders and service availability planning. In addition, the data analytics solutions support vertiport companies in planning and designing vertiports with respect to the operational impact of prevailing weather conditions. For more information,

Unisphere contact information for media:

Christoph Selig

Chief Commercial Officer

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