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SkyScape and LYNEports sign MOU to enable advanced Vertiport siting and location analysis services in APAC and North America

    ● SkyScape integrates LYNEports' advanced location assessment software for streamlined vertiport site evaluations.

    ● LYNEports' technology aids SkyScape in overcoming site limitations, expediting vertiport readiness.

    ● SkyScape’s innovative building blocks approach combined with LYNEports' expertise paves the way for resilient and adaptable vertiport facilities.
May 21, 2024

SkyScape, a Japanese vertiport development and management company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and LYNEports, an Advance air mobility planning solution/software developer based in Europe have announced an agreement to integrate LYNEports location assessment software into SkyScape’s Vertiport development offering, enabling smoother and more efficient evaluations of potential Vertiport sites for all SkyScape clients.

LYNEports solutions allows for drastically improved location siting, helping asset owners more quickly

understand potential limitations or restrictions of their site in regards to Vertiport development. Through this collaboration, SkyScape is looking to bring these improved development timelines and streamlined procedures to its clients in both the APAC and N. American markets.

As we move closer to the launch of eVTOLs, there is still tremendous work left to be done in regards to

getting our infrastructure prepared and ready to support operations” said Asa Quesenberry, President and founder at SkyScape“ We believe working with the LYNEports team is one of our best bets in helping get these sites assessed and ready for development faster and more efficiently than what we’re currently seeing. I'm excited to work alongside Rasha and her team to help get more sites activated as quickly as we can.”

"Collaborating with SkyScape signifies our shared commitment to pioneering innovation in advancing urban air mobility. Planning and assessing vertiport locations is an essential initial step for both cities and developers, paving the way for sustainable modular vertiport development. Working alongside Asa's team to deploying these facilities in two major regions marks a significant stride towards automating and expediting industry introduction while upholding stringent safety and efficiency standards." stated Rasha Al Shami.”

Within the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on site evaluations as well as flight path and obstacle clearance to ensure safe and efficient facility planning that prioritizes operational safety above all else. Within the LYNEports software, location and architectural systems will be utilized to help SkyScape Vertiport clients more easily visualize and design their facility.

Skyscape is pioneering a unique approach to Vertiport development focused on their aviation facility “building blocks,” as a set of ready-made units that house various elements of vertiport operations. These blocks are meant to empower site developers by allowing them to design aviation facilities and vertiports with only the elements that are applicable to their unique situation and use case. The blocks are intended to make use of upcycled containers as well as high-grade aluminum to enable quick set up and resilience through the facilities lifecycle while emphasizing a focus on sustainable materials. The hope of SkyScape’s approach is to develop aviation facilities that can support a high number of co-located services not limited to eVTOL operations but also first response, medical deliveries, security and more in the name of empowering communities through AAM.

About LYNEports

LYNE TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L, operating under the brand name LYNEports, is a software development company specializing in advanced air mobility planning solutions and simulations. LYNEports goal is to facilitate the safe integration of eVTOL and VTOL aircraft (air taxis) into ground and airspace through intuitive geospatial software.

LYNEports serves as a vital link between electric air mobility, architecture, and real estate development. Their solutions cater to various industry stakeholders, including Operators and Vertiport Developers, Architects and Urban Planners, as well as Property Owners and Developers.

LYNEporst contact information for media:

Lorenzo Bennassar

Associate/Chief Creative officer

About Skyscape

SKYSCAPE Co., Ltd. is a start-up established in Osaka and operating within the APAC and N. American markets as a VDMC (Vertiport Development Management Company). Their unique Vertiport development approach is focused on services and facility supplies that enable a variety of unique facility use cases and is designed with modularity in mind to meet each individual customer’s needs. The company is championing this approach as what they call “community first vertiport development” emphasizing facility development that impacts communities for the better and improves overall resiliency.

Skyscape contact information for media:

Asa Quesenberry

Founder / CEO

+81 070-1069-1149

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