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LYNEports Launches Cutting-Edge Air Mobility Planning Solution

    ● LYNEports Unveils Advanced Planning Tools & Solutions for Seamless eVTOL and
    Drone Integration & Planning in cities.

    ● LYNEports Introduces Groundbreaking eVTOL and Drone Planning Solution, Bridging
    Advanced Air Mobility, Real Estate, & City Planning into One Platform.

    ● Revolutionizing Advanced Air Mobility Planning: LYNEports Launches Innovative
    Planning Solution.
May 14, 2024

LYNEports is excited to announce the official launch of its advanced air mobility planning solution, a

groundbreaking platform that enables seamless integration of eVTOL and drone operations within ground

and airspace infrastructures. This innovative solution is designed to elevate the planning, design, and

location scouting process for urban air mobility, catering to both professionals and enthusiasts.

LYNEports offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the visualization and understanding of vertiports'

benefits and impacts on our communities. Whether you're a real estate developer, city planner, or air mobility

expert, LYNEports provides the tools necessary to design and plan vertiport locations efficiently.

Key Features of LYNEports:

● Infrastructure and Flight Path Planning: Ensures safe, context-aware planning for eVTOL aircraft

landings, adapting to FAA and EASA regulatory guidelines.

● Extensive Data Integration: Offers crucial data on airspace, land use, topography, and buildings,

coupled with comprehensive data and map layers.

● User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the real estate scouting, planning, and design process, making

advanced urban air mobility accessible to all.

Rasha Alshami, CEO of LYNEports, stated, "We’re simplifying the real estate and property scouting, planning, and design process, aiming to drive advancements in the real estate and advanced air mobility sector. Our solution aims to bridge the gap between ground and airspace infrastructure, making the integration of eVTOLs and drones seamless and efficient." With LYNEports, users can anticipate a future where urban air mobility is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, enhancing connectivity and efficiency within our cities. This launch marks a step forward in the evolution of air mobility planning, city planning and real estate industries.

About LYNEports

LYNE TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L, operating under the brand name LYNEports, is a software development company specializing in advanced air mobility planning solutions and simulations. LYNEports goal is to facilitate the safe integration of eVTOL and VTOL aircraft (air taxis) into ground and airspace through intuitive geospatial software.

LYNEports serves as a vital link between electric air mobility, architecture, and real estate development. Their solutions cater to various industry stakeholders, including Operators and Vertiport Developers, Architects and Urban Planners, as well as Property Owners and Developers.

LYNEporst contact information for media:

Lorenzo Bennassar

Associate/Chief Creative officer



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