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LYNEports Joins Level 2 of Microsoft Startups Founders Hub

    ● LYNEports Reaches Level 2 Milestone in Microsoft Startups Founders Hub

    ● LYNEports Elevated to Level 2 in Microsoft Startups Founders Hub

    ● LYNEports Secures Level 2 Position in Microsoft Startups Founders Hub
June 6, 2024

LYNEports is proud to announce its acceptance into Level 2 of the prestigious Microsoft Startups Founders Hub. This milestone marks a significant step forward in LYNEports' journey to revolutionize urban mobility and infrastructure planning.

"Being welcomed into Level 2 of Microsoft Startups Founders Hub is a testament to our innovative approach and the potential impact of our solutions," said Rasha Al Shami, CEO of LYNEports. "We are excited about the opportunities this path brings us, particularly in leveraging Microsoft for startups resources and network to further our mission of advancing urban air mobility."

LYNEports is at the forefront of integrating advanced air mobility with urban planning, providing cutting-edge software solutions that streamline the design and implementation of vertiports and other critical infrastructure. The Microsoft Startups Founders Hub supports startups with a range of resources, including technology, mentorship, and market access, designed to accelerate growth and innovation.

Highlights of LYNEports' journey with Microsoft Startups Founders Hub include:

  • Access to Microsoft’s extensive cloud infrastructure and development tools.

  • Mentorship from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking within Microsoft’s vast ecosystem.

  • Enhanced visibility and credibility in the tech and urban mobility sectors.

"This opportunity with Microsoft will enable us to scale our solutions more rapidly and effectively," added Al Shami. "We look forward to utilizing the support and resources provided to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients."

For more information about LYNEports and its innovative solutions, visit

About LYNEports

LYNE TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L, operating under the brand name LYNEports, is a software development company specializing in advanced air mobility planning solutions and simulations. LYNEports goal is to facilitate the safe integration of eVTOL and VTOL aircraft (air taxis) into ground and airspace through intuitive geospatial software.

LYNEports serves as a vital link between electric air mobility, architecture, and real estate development. Their solutions cater to various industry stakeholders, including Operators and Vertiport Developers, Architects and Urban Planners, as well as Property Owners and Developers.

LYNEporst contact information for media:

Lorenzo Bennassar

Associate/Chief Creative officer



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